Skin Care Products – Tips To Help You Choose The Best Skin Care Products For You

Skin care is a complex range of medical practices that support skin health, improve its appearance and alleviate various skin disorders. They may include proper usage of emollients, avoidance of too much sun exposure, intake of nutrition and vitamins and application of moisturizers. Skin care includes a wide array of products, which come in various forms, including creams, lotions, gels and lotions. These are applied to the skin to maintain it moisturized and hydrated. Skin care includes a detailed analysis of one’s lifestyle and daily habits, including diet, exposure to sunlight, exercise, etc., as these have an effect on skin health and appearance.

One’s daily routines and environment have a direct impact on the skin. Hence, routine maintenance should be done, both at home and at the workplace, for maintaining a healthy complexion and youthful appearance. Skin care products differ according to the type of skin, age and concern. It is best to consult a physician or a skin care expert when deciding to buy a particular product. In order to get the best skin care product, one must understand the types of skin care products available in the market:

Cleanser: This is the basic step in skin care, as this removes all the dirt, oils and other debris from the face. A cleanser must be mild and water-based; otherwise it may cause adverse effects on the skin. There are two types of cleansers namely, toners and moisturizers. A toner is used to remove makeup, while a moisturizer is used after cleansing to lock moisture in the skin.

Toner: Toner can be in the form of creams, lotions or serums. It works as a cleansing agent, to remove debris from the skin. Toner must be mild; else it can produce adverse effects like rashes, dryness and itching. The toners have different ingredients such as lactic, citric, glycolic and pH stabilizers. Some toners produce instant results, while others need to be applied for some time to achieve the desired results.

Serums: This is another essential step in caring for the skin. Serums are used for treating different skin issue such as oily, dry and sensitive. They include vitamins, aloe, anti-oxidants, collagen, selenium, sunscreens and many other ingredients. They are generally applied once a day and may be mixed with other toners, for example toners for the eyes.

Moisturizer: A moisturizer is meant to seal moisture into the skin, so that it doesn’t become dry or oily. They are available in many forms such as lotions, creams, serums and mousses. When selecting a moisturizer, you should always choose those that are recommended by a board-certified dermatologist and is right for your type of skin. You should also avoid buying those that contain mineral oil because it blocks the pores and creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.