The Four Main Dimensions of Good Health

Health is a condition of physical, emotional and social well being where infirmity and disease are absent. It is the combination of mind, body and spirit that constitutes one’s total well being. Health is necessary for life and is the state from where all the other improvements in life begin. For example, food, sex, water, and shelter are all part of a person’s health.

The three determinants of good health would be determined by their effects on the person’s physical well being and their effect on his/her mental well being and social well being. The first two determinants are personal, that is, they depend on the individual and the environment. The third determinant is external or situational and it refers to the medical conditions and situations a person might be exposed to and the impact these would have on the person’s well being. These three determinants together form the general concept of well-being.

A major challenge for public health educators, doctors, and researchers is to educate people and focus attention on the preventive measures. This is done by analyzing current trends and the role of individual and environmental factors in causing or increasing the prevalence of certain diseases. It is important to improve health through better education and prevention. There are many efforts of this kind worldwide. Some notable examples are the Global Burden of Disease study, the millennium century campaign, and the global health programme.

A second dimension that influences health is the concept of risk. This refers to the chances that an ailment will occur. An accurate definition of risk is that the chance that an ailment will occur is lower than what would occur in a neutral situation. This has helped in identifying diseases by their preventable risk factors and has encouraged researchers to look for better means of prevention and control.

A third aspect that affects overall health is the definition of what constitutes as healthy. Although people consider their overall health as one of the most important aspects in determining their well-being, many still have misconceptions about it. For example, some may believe that proper diet and exercise are the keys to being fit and healthy. In reality, daily habits and proper medical care are more important since they address the causes of ill-health, thus preventing them from recurring.

These are just some of the many dimensions that can be used in defining what constitutes good health. To improve your well-being, it is important to identify what you need and how to get it. This is where the importance of health consciousness comes in. Awareness and choice are two things that can make you healthier. Health education is therefore a necessary step in maintaining good health and thus ensuring that you enjoy a healthy life.