Kombucha and Its 8 Proven Health Benefits

Kombucha, a healthy fermented beverage, may have comparable health advantages to green tea and help against diseases such as cancer and diabetes. For thousands of years, people have drunk kombucha. It has the same health advantages as tea and is high in probiotics. Kombucha also includes antioxidants, may destroy dangerous bacteria, and may aid in treating various diseases. Find out how to make kombucha and why you should drink it.

What Are the 8 Proven Health Benefits of Kombucha?

Why is Kombucha the best beverage for our bodies, then? Based on scientific research, kombuchas’ top eight health benefits are the following:

1.   A Source of Probiotics

Kombucha is considered to have originated in either Japan or China. It’s prepared by fermenting green or black tea with certain strains of bacteria, sugar, and yeast for weeks or more. Yeast and bacteria develop a mushroom-like coating on the liquid’s surface during this procedure. Because of this, kombucha is sometimes known as “mushroom tea.”

A live symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria known as a SCOBY may be used to brew fresh kombucha. Acetic acid and other acidic compounds are produced during fermentation as trace quantities of alcohol and gases. Many bacteria grow in the combination, including lactic acid bacteria, which may offer probiotic properties. These bacteria may aid in treating various health conditions, including inflammation, weight reduction, and digestion. Drinks like kombucha may be beneficial to your health in a variety of ways.

2.   Provide the Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is one of the world’s healthiest drinks. This is due to several bioactive chemicals in green tea, like polyphenols, which serve as potent antioxidants in the body. Green tea kombucha has many of the same plant chemicals and, consequently, some of the same advantages.

Drinking green tea daily or taking supplements with green tea extract has been shown to increase the number of calories burned, decrease belly fat, enhance cholesterol levels, aid blood sugar management, and more. According to research, green tea users are also less likely to develop colon, breast, and prostate cancers.

3.   Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants fight free radicals, reactive molecules that can harm your cells. Many experts feel that the antioxidants in meals and drinks are superior to antioxidant pills. Kombucha kits have antioxidant benefits on your liver, particularly when brewed with green tea.

Drinking kombucha Australia daily decreases liver damage caused by hazardous substances by at least 70%, according to rat studies. While there have been no human studies on this issue, it is a potential study field for patients with liver illness.

4.   Kills Bacteria

Acetic acid, plentiful in vinegar, is one of the key chemicals created during the fermentation of kombucha kits. Acetic acid, like polyphenols in tea, may fight a wide range of potentially dangerous microbes. Kombucha brewed from black or green tea seems to have potent antibacterial capabilities, especially against pathogenic bacteria and Candida yeasts.

These antimicrobial properties inhibit the development of unwanted bacteria and yeasts while not impacting the healthy, probiotic bacteria and yeasts used in kombucha brewing. The medical significance of these antibacterial activities is unknown.

5.   Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the biggest cause of mortality worldwide. In rat experiments, kombucha has significantly improved two indicators of heart disease, “good” HDL and “bad” LDL cholesterol, in as little as 30 days. Even more crucially, tea (mainly green tea) prevents LDL cholesterol levels from oxidation, which is linked to heart disease. Green tea users had a 31% decreased chance of acquiring heart disease, which may also pertain to kombucha.

6.   Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Over 450 million individuals worldwide have type 2 diabetes. It is characterised by elevated insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. Research in diabetic rats discovered that kombucha delayed glucose digestion, lowering blood sugar levels. It also enhanced the function of the kidneys and livers.

Green tea kombucha is likely even more effective since green tea has been demonstrated to lower blood sugar levels. A survey of almost 300,000 people revealed that green tea users had an 18% decreased chance of getting diabetes. Further research on the advantages of kombucha for blood sugar management is required.

7.   Protects Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the top causes of death worldwide. It is distinguished by cell mutation and uncontrollable cell proliferation. Kombucha’s high content of tea antioxidants and polyphenols inhibit the development and spread of malignant cells in test-tube tests. The mechanism through which tea polyphenols fight cancer is not fully known.

However, polyphenols inhibit gene mutation and cell proliferation while simultaneously encouraging cancer cell death. As a result, it’s hardly unexpected that tea drinkers are substantially less likely to acquire cancer. Although, whether kombucha has anti-cancer properties in humans has not been shown. More research is required.

8.   Healthy When Made Correctly

Kombucha is a probiotic-rich tea that may have several health advantages. It is available in shops or may be made at home. However, be certain that it is well prepared. Over-fermented or contaminated kombucha may lead to significant health issues, including death. Homemade kombucha may have up to 3% alcohol content.

Buying kombucha at a shop or online is the safest choice. Commercial goods are pleasant and alcohol-free since they contain less than 0.5% alcohol. However, examine the contents and avoid those with a lot of added sugar.

In Summary

Kombucha may treat a variety of chronic health issues. However, there has been little human research on the effects of kombucha, and the support for its health benefits is limited. In contrast, plenty of evidence supports the health advantages of probiotics and tea, both of which are contained in kombucha. If you attempt making your kombucha in Kefirko Kombucha Maker- 6l, be sure you do it appropriately. Contaminated kombucha may be more harmful than beneficial.

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