Discover the Difference Between NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination

Understanding the distinction between Plan Managers and Support Coordinators and what to anticipate from their services will assist you in managing your NDIS plan effectively. Plan Managers and Support Coordinators aid NDIS Participants, and when utilised correctly, these services may give professional support, assistance, and advice to assist you in living as independently as possible. Keep reading this article to learn more about the difference between NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination.

What Is the NDIS Plan Management?

Whenever a provider assists you in managing financing in your NDIS Plan, this is referred to as plan management. Plan Managers are the name given to these service providers. As an NDIS respondent, you are evaluated to determine your necessities and the assistance offered to satisfy them. After identifying your eligible programmes and level of need, a plan is developed in collaboration with any service providers you could assign, yourself, and the NDIS representative. This plan will be implemented, reviewed, and changed as needed during your involvement in the NDIS programme.

What Are the Support Coordination Services?

Whenever an individual with a disability needs support, especially from professional support staff or carers, they frequently depend on organisations that specialise in offering such care. These groups typically provide advice and recommendations for additional resources as required. This is referred to as Support Coordination, a crucial part of providing disabled individuals with the assistance they need.

Furthermore, Support Coordination is a service that aims to help NDIS members organise, execute, and understand their plans. Support Coordination could assist you in locating and coordinating all your services, mainly financed, community, informal, and mainstream assistance.

What’s the Difference Between NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination?

The primary distinction between NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination is that a Plan Manager administers the Plan Management and assists with the monetary part of your plan. In contrast, a Support Coordinator in Support Coordination may help with the organisation of your providers and support.

NDIS Plan Management: Plan Managers

NDIS Plan Management is among four choices for managing your NDIS funds. Other options include agency, self, or combination. It’s critical to thoroughly examine your alternatives to select the best one for you.

In addition, Plan Managers serve as your NDIS accountants. With a Plan Manager, you can self-manage your plan without the hassle of making payments and monitoring budgets. Plan Management is provided to all NDIS participants at no additional cost. The service is entirely supported by the NDIS and may be obtained by asking that a Plan Manager be added to your plan.

A Plan Manager will:

  • Allow access to both non-registered and NDIS-registered service providers.
  • Assist you in selecting the best service providers for your requirements.
  • Obtain bills and compensate your service providers.
  • Keep records of your financing and support expenditures.
  • Obtain funding using the NDIS site and follow the NDIS Price Guide.
  • Handle your NDIS plan assessment and audit financial reports.
  • Be an authority on NDIS financing issues.

Support Coordination: Support Coordinators

Although a Plan Manager may allow access to both NDIS non-registered and registered service providers and assist you in selecting the best one for you, a Support Coordinator’s responsibility is to oversee the services and supports you employ. If the NDIS deems it reasonable and required,’ you may contact a Support Coordinator regardless of whether you are NDIA-managed, self-managed, plan-managed, or a combination.

The three levels of Support Coordinators include:

Support Coordination

Support Coordination works as a Capability Building Support within the NDIS to assist you in implementing all other necessary assistance. NDIS Support Coordination will mainly manage several hours each week to assist you in setting up your assistance. When those support and service contracts are in position, your Support Coordinator will check in with you to see whether you are satisfied with them and when any changes should be made.

A Support Coordinator will do the following:

  • Assist in the selection of services and suppliers
  • Plan evaluations
  • To distribute funds, consult with your Plan Manager.
  • Get in touch with the community and mainstream services.
  • Manage Service Agreements, such as the modification or termination of a contract.
  • Help with plan renewals and plan review preparation.

Support Connection

Support Connection usually takes several days each month and decreases over time as you engage with your area and financed supports. The goal of Support Connection is to assist you in understanding your plan and developing the skills required to execute and maintain your NDIS plan.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination functions similarly to Support Connection. Both interactions are often several hours each month, diminishing over time, and assisting you in preparing for your policy renewal. This sort of Support Coordination offers specialist assistance in more difficult circumstances. It is utilised by persons who may need several federal agencies or institutions to actively pursue their objectives and personal dreams.

Key Takeaway

NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination may offer critical services to ensure your plan’s effectiveness. Numerous companies undoubtedly wish for you to concentrate on what you like and attain your unique objectives. This is also why a team of experienced bookkeepers and expert consultants provides a personalised service to ensure your plan works for you rather than against you.

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