4 Types of Fitness Training to Incorporate into Your Exercise Routine

For optimal health and fitness, you can combine different types of fitness training. Your personal trainer may have laid down the program for you, but it is also essential that you know these and each of their purpose. That way, you can make an informed decision when proposing changes in your program. And if you are not working with a fitness trainer yet, you have a good idea on what home exercise to do.

  1. Strength Training

Strength and muscle health is the goal of strength training. Strength trainers focus on helping you build and strengthen lean and active muscles. This can improve your function and mobility, help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, and protect your brain health.

Part of this is doing weight-bearing exercises. A weight trainer will guide you in holding yourself up against gravity and developing the right strength movements. These include correctly using gym equipment, jumping rope, running, doing body-weight squats, weight-lifting, and climbing stairs. At the same time, strength training also includes non-weight-bearing routines. These include hamstring curls, seated rows, leg presses, and leg extensions.

  1. Agility and Coordination Training

Agility training is not just ideal for athletes as this is about developing the ability to move easily and quickly. Together with coordination training, you can improve your reflexes, focus, and coordination in your movements. Your fitness trainer will help you achieve these by doing grapevines, quick feet, high knees, quick feet, and lateral crossovers.

  1. Stability and balance training

Improving your stability and balance will contribute a lot to your ability to prevent falls. If you are able to stand on one or two legs as you move other parts of the body, you can develop dynamic balance work. You can control your body well and maintain a certain position.

The common exercises for this type of physical fitness training are single-leg yoga poses, single-leg deadlifts, split squats, stability ball exercises, and tai chi.

  1. Mobility and Flexibility Exercises

Mobility allows your joints and tissues to move within the full or normal range of motion, while flexibility is your muscles’ ability to stretch. Both are necessary to avoid injury and strengthen your muscles and joints. Strength trainers should know that this is essential before allowing you to practice strenuous movements. With this type of fitness training, you can age well, move freely, and stay independent in performing physical activities.

Mobility exercise and dynamic stretches include inchworm, butt kicks, cat-cow, the world’s greatest stretch, and leg swings. Part of every exercise routine that should be done is static stretching because this relieves the tightness in the muscles. These exercises include standing quad stretch, overhead triceps stretch, doorway chest stretch, and runner’s lunge.

If you are looking for a personal trainer online, you should determine whether they are offering a fitness routine that includes more than one or all of these types of fitness training. That way, you will learn if this coach has the knowledge that is necessary for your fitness journey and can indeed help maximize what you can achieve.

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